Kavarna Archa Barista

Newly opened Cubist cafe / shop / gallery in one offers snacks and high quality coffee in a beautiful cubist interior. The building was designed by Josef Gočár in at that time a new architectural style of Rondo Cubism. This style is also known as the National style or Arch Cubism and the term Czech Art Deco is used as well.

Mincovna Restaurant / The Mint Restaurant

Newly opened Bohemian style restaurant offering old Bohemian cuisine which is a bit lighter than the traditional Czech. The food is beautifully presented with perfectly sised portions and of course, the Pilsner Urquel comes from the tank.

Ryby & Chips

Fish and chips aren’t exactly fancy cuisine, but it does have a vast legion of fans. When done well, it can be good quick meal for those on the run or people nostalgic for a taste of home. A new shop called Ryby & Chips opened up just before Christmas at Myslíkova 18, offering a very no-frills service. Currently there are a few shelves along the wall where patrons can stand and eat. Seats are set to arrive soon, though, according to the venue’s Facebook page.

Cafe Imperial

The Café Imperial has always been a busy and well-visited place. Throughout the years it was a social gathering spot for guests from all walks of life. Now the tradition continues…The successful reconstruction has on the one hand added a touch of class to this place, but on the other still keeps the unforgettable atmosphere of the Grand Café.  Be it breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or a private party, our staff will take care of every detail. The menu is a blend of Czech cuisine and some of the Chef’s signature dishes.

Birell Grand Prix Prague 2014

The race adds a whole different sensation to running in Prague. Taking place early September Prague Grand Prix offers runner friendly weather conditions as well as a unique opportunity to run at night through the illuminated streets of the city. Distances offered are 5 km (women only) and 10 km (open for men and women) making the race manageable for everyone despite age and fitness abilities.


Erwan Thai restaurant

For those looking for a bit of Thailand in the center. Taste our range of authentic dishes and let yourself be enchanted amosféru ancient house with modern interior design conceived in the spirit of the marriage of Asia and Europe. Thai cuisine created by mixing many elements Southeast Asia and emphasis on light dishes with strong aromatic components.


Gustav Klimt – Lady with a Muff

On June 27, 2014, the National Gallery in Prague, Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, will add to its permanent exhibition of 20th- and 21st-century International Art a painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt (1862–1918), a key figure in the Vienna Secession. Klimt developed a distinctive style that captured the wholly original atmosphere of fin de siècle Vienna.

Terasa Anker

It is saying that great ideas are born easily , but sometimes it is the realization of a long journey.After a year of tuning all the details we have for all lovers of great food and beers an oasis of calm in the center of Prague, where the view and selected specialties will delight your eyes and taste buds. We present a project in a unique location in the center of Prague, on the roof OD Kotva with absolutely excelent overlooking to the old town of Prague .


The best of Hollywood Nights

Carl Davis is back with a vengeance! This time around we can look forward to tuning our ears to the film scores of Oscar-winning films from the past decade. No shooting stars can be left to roam the stratosphere at this concert, not even „Skyfall”!

Don Giovanni – Estates Theatre Praue

The summer cultural life of Prague, a city closely linked with the professional carreer and life of the musical genius W. A. Mozart, will culminate this year by the 18th traditional series of Opera Mozart performances in The Estates Theatre. After the trium¬phal succes, Opera Mozart will once again stage a remake of the original world premiere of Don Giovanni, the most famous opera of all times. Do not miss the excellent spectacle with im¬pressive stage design, historical costumes and top-quality inter¬national singers, for only Prague can offer you this „opera of all times“ in the authentic setting where the Maestro himself conducted it in 1787.